During the week a friend and I decided to indulge in our favourite past time; eating pasta. We had done our research and found a place that was even named after the flour it used in its signature pasta: Tipo 00 10040450-1024x683

This modern Italian restaurant had a 45 minute wait just to get a table for two! We saw that a sign that the food was good so waited the 45 minutes and were seated up at the bar. The restaurant was dark and intimate (unlike the photo shown above which was taken during the day and not at night when we went) with a fun electric vibe. The wait staff were banterous and reminiscent of cheeky Italian waiters.

With the fun and vibrant atmosphere came mouth watering smells wafting from the open kitchen. We were seating at the bar and chatted away to the bar tender who was spinning bottles and fixing cocktails in the most impressive way. We both ordered pasta (dah), I had the special with king prawns and my friend the classic ragu Bolognese. The portion size at first was eyebrow raising, with what appeared to be a relatively small amount of pasta. My dish came with two king prawns on top and my friends’ with a generous amount of ragu.

Both smelt like heaven on a designer plate. One dish with overt tomato smells and the other smelling of the ocean (in a good, edible way). The first mouthful left us both speechless well past chewing and swallowing ,it was astoundingly delicious. Mine required hands on action to peel the prawns which made me feel like I was in the Italian countryside with my family enjoying a meal the old fashioned way and tasted rather similar! The ragu (which I sampled), tasted like love.

Over all the modern Italian cuisine may have looked sleek and new age but it tasted like home, albeit a home you never knew you had in the Italian countryside, but still home.






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