This is my patatas bravas designed especially for the photo. They did not look this appetising in the Tupperware at the food fair!

This is a Spanish dish that can be found all over Spain. It was mentioned in one of our lectures. When my family and I travelled around Spain in the middle of last year we found these on every menu in every region (we thought we were top shit for knowing the proper pronunciation not registering the grimace each wait staff would try to suppress when we ordered it). The sauce is usually more orange in colour and smooth, however, due to my limited utensils in my share house it looks more red and lumpy (still good though!)

Making the dish was fun. Very simple but also many elements that required no over seasoning and the sauce required at least 24 hours of sitting after cooking. The potatoes were the hardest part just to get them perfectly crispy. Ideally you would be served the dish straight from the oven but given that the meal needed to travel to its food fair location they were a touch soggier and cooler than they should have be.

I personally enjoy the spice of the sauce so I added a little extra chilli. They were all eaten at the food fair and people seemed to enjoy them (despite the sogginess).

The dish has personal significance because before each meal our family sit down for ‘laughs’ which is essentially some antipasto we enjoy whilst helping out with cooking dinner. After traveling to Spain we started enjoying some Patatas Bravas before our meals and it has come to represent my families eating habits. I can not hear the dish without thinking of my mum and dad and brothers in the kitchen.


Olive oil, Garlic, Onion, Tomato Chopped and Pureed, Paprika, Chilli, Sugar, Potato, Parsley



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